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Run 2

Run 2

Date added: 2015-03-23   Times played: 2336

plays 2.336
9.0 / 10
Run 2 Run 2
9.0/10 1
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Game intruction

Press the cursor to control your alien
Hit spacebar to jump.

About Run 2

Play the second version of Run games with Cool Math Games Run 2 unblocked. More interest and more exciting with this version. Test it now. You will see the strange when you enter this game that the two characters. With the runner, it’s easier to control but he can’t jump as far. And the opposite with the skater, it’s harder to control but he can jump further. Try to lead him run through from platform to platform. Can you be the best runner in Cool Math Games Run 2? Experience it. Wish you have a lot of fun with Cool Math Games.

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