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Block The Pig

Block The Pig

Date added: 2015-06-27   Times played: 1694

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Block The Pig Block The Pig
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Game intruction

Use the mouse to click on tiles on this Block The Pig game

About Block The Pig

A lover of Cool Math game shouldn’t miss an opportunity to enjoy Block The Pig. Are you up for this Math Playground game to flaunt your capabilities? Well, a pesky pig is trying to escape. You are supposed to move the blocks around it and stop it from getting to the exit. Make an effort to calculate and place the blocks wisely to obtain the target.

Play Block The Pig unblocked at school and home. The game is so popular and appropriate for all ages. Why not enjoying it and testing your skills with this game? So much excitement is waiting for you! Click to try it now at! Wish you luck and fun!

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