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Find HQ Yosemite

Find HQ Yosemite

Date added: 2017-06-12   Times played: 34
Category: Escape Games

plays 34
0.0 / 10
Find HQ Yosemite Find HQ Yosemite
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Game intruction

Use the left mouse to interact with items.

About Find HQ Yosemite

Hooda Math Find HQ Yosemite game is available for kids and parents to play free online. Your mission in the new story is to search for the exact location of the headquarters as fast as possible to become the winner. You also need to finish your job to meet up with other members of the secret club that you have joined. In the Find HQ Yosemite, you are able to wander around to collect hidden items and pieces of evidence. They should be put in the appropriate position to unlock puzzles. Good luck!

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